Training for Schools

I deliver INSET training for schools to help staff address the social, emotional and mental health needs of students.

  • Mindfulness training for students in secondary schools
  • Therapeutic Approaches training for school staff.
  • Reflective Practice Groups for staff
  • Peer Support training for school staff and students



Mindfulness training

I deliver .be Mindfulness training in secondary schools.  The course takes one term for each group of up to 30 students. composed of ten weekly 50 minute lessons with practise woven through the lessons.  Mindfulness helps young people grow and flourish.


Therapeutic Approaches Training for teachers and support staff

I deliver training entitled, Therapeutic Approaches for teachers and support staff.  In this training I share psychodynamic perspectives with staff to develop their ability to provide emotional support for young people.  The training involved ten units covering “Communication”, “How do young people experience me?” “How who I am affects my work”, “Adolescence”, “Challenging bullying and accepting difference”, “Belonging to a gang”, “When to control and when to contain” and “Peer feedback”.


Reflective practice groups

I conduct reflective practice groups to enable staff to support one another in their work with students with social, emotional and mental health needs.  Discussions might involve managing boundaries, organizational dynamics and exploring underlying themes and values. Shared experience and mutual support are important features of these confidential groups


Peer Support Training

I set up Peer Support initiatives in schools.  This involves presentations to staff about the Peer Support Initiatives and training for the Peer Support Coordinator to ensure sustainability, who observes me modelling how to deliver the trainings for the students.

Buddies – for primary school pupils – pupils are trained to help children in need of support.

Peer Mediation – for pupils of all ages – pupils are trained to work in pairs, mediating disputes for children.

Peer Mentoring – for students in secondary school – pupils are trained to mentor younger pupils who need support.

Staff Mentors – for staff in all schools – staff are trained in mentoring and coaching skills. They can employ these skills with each other as well as students.

Please contact me to discuss the possibility of working together and for further details including costs.