Family Camping Retreats

Family camping retreats are a great way to develop a deeper connection within your family, with nature and to make new connections with other like-minded families.

Working with a team of workshop leaders and a cook, we hold weekend camps for groups of families on private estates in beautiful wild countryside surrounded by ancient woodland and lakes.  Roughly six or seven families attend each weekend.  Families have a choice of activities and engage in activities together or separately at different stages of the weekend.


Weekend Family Camping Retreat Programme



09:00  Arrival – Tea and roasted chestnuts on the fire

10:00 Making camp – Families put up tents or make camps with tarp, ropes and pegs.

11:00  The Big Circle (with parents).  Talk through programme and develop our “kindful code” for the weekend.

11.30  group active circle games for young people and adults

  • The Fox and Rabbit game
  • The Bat and Moth game
  • Giant Spider Web Untangling Game
  • Group Juggling Octopus

12:00  Lunch and finishing tents and camps




Group 1  Collecting clay and making large-scale group abstract statue activity – involves nature immersion, meditation and vision questing

Group 2 Den building in the woods for back to base game tomorrow


Group A  Make fire pit, make a fire, make chai and chapatis.

Group B  Movement and dance games in response to animals and plants

16:00  Mindfulness meditation

16:30  Finishing tents and camps

17:30  Supper


19:00 Stories around the campfire

19.30 Song sharing





08:00 Tea and Coffee and Breakfast around the fire

09:00 Mindfulness meditation and singing circle


Group 1  Back to Base games in the woods using the dens in the woods as bases

Group 2  Nature Art – dream catchers

12:00       Lunch


13:00   Break camp – Pack up tents and camps

14:00   Sharing circle involving positive feedback and expression of feelings

15:00   Closing songs and meditation


Please contact me to request any further information and enquire about pricing and dates.