I am a psychodynamic counsellor, providing support for young people, families and adults. I have therapy practices in Bristol and Street, Somerset.

I have worked with many people struggling with anxiety, depression and relationship  issues. My work is informed by Psychoanalysis, Attachment Theory & Mindfulness.

The approach I use is based on my training in Psychodynamic Counselling, a talking therapy which centres on forming a trusting relationship. I provide a safe space for you to express your thoughts and explore feelings openly. Change takes place as together we experience the repeating patterns in relationships and reflect on the underlying dynamics which are present. I help you make links between what you are doing in your sessions with me and the way you experience your life and the people in it. By doing this I help you to become more aware of your inner world which leads to positive changes in your life.

I offer the opportunity to learn and use Mindfulness, which can help you accept and manage how you are feeling in an honest and realistic way. Clients have told me that Mindfulness brings about peacefulness, kindness and happiness. Mindfulness is particularly effective in supporting you if you are suffering depression, stress or anxiety.

If you would like to start to explore the possibility of counselling please get in touch.  I also provide consultations for parents and school staff if you would like to talk through a situation with me.

Please explore this section of the site for further details about the counselling services I provide or contact me.