Counselling Services for Schools

School Counselling

Is your school looking for a counsellor to help support students with social, emotional and mental health needs?  I can provide a professional Whole School Counselling Service independently and inexpensively.

I have an MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling with Children and Adolescents which I completed in 2006 and gained Accreditation with the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists in 2015.  I have worked as a School Counsellor since 2005.  I set up and managed counselling services in two schools – a primary and a secondary school, and have worked as a School Counsellor for several charities.  I have worked as a teacher in primary and secondary schools since 2000 and so have a thorough understanding of how to fit a counselling service into a school.

Through my work I aim to enable young people to develop supportive relationships, self-worth and succeed academically, fulfilling their potential. My approach is psychodynamic and is based on helping young people to become aware of their projections and transference.  I help them to understand that they are accountable for the way they recreate dynamics from past relationships.   They can then take responsibility for developing more beneficial ways of relating.  I use mindfulness and help young people discover the beauty in peacefulness and the value of making a positive contribution to their community.  I help young people to form life-long healthy practices, attitudes and ways of behaving.

The whole school approach involves working closely with school staff by offering regular meetings to improve our understanding of students and consider strategies to meet their needs.  It involves working throughout the school whilst carefully maintaining respect for client confidentiality and privacy.   I outline below the wide variety of support I provide within the whole school counselling approach.


Flourishing Youth Whole School Counselling Provision

  • One full day per week
  • Individual counselling
  • Group counselling – for students affected by similar issues, such as transition, bereavement and changes.
  • Open-Door session during lunch to make counselling accessible to all students
  • Reflective Practice meetings with staff to discuss students’ needs
  • Close liaison with the Designated Person for CP
  • Reports to support referrals to CAMHS and Social Care
  • End of year and end of support reports.
  • I arrange my own CPD.
  • I will attend any trainings the school requires me to.
  • I arrange my own supervision.


Reflective Practice Groups

I conduct reflective practice groups for staff.  The aim of these weekly sessions is to promote staff well-being and understanding of the needs of students with social, emotional and mental health needs.


Please get in touch to discuss the possibility of working together and for further details including costs.